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Rest In Peace, Fuzzy Poet / August 17th, 2016

Our last day together. Rest In Peace, my sweet Fuzzy Poet.

This is how it ends, my friend. Lymphoma. I thought we would still be together at my 50th.

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to spend the past year with you. It was a blessing. I will especially treasure the memories of us walking Lily to and from kindergarten. The other parents and kids loved you, Ghira. You always were a Family Dog.

I’ll always remember the first thing you did for me: You kept me centered and focused through a divorce. And then you and Woolfie met and plotted out a new life for me. A better one. I know you loved me and how I loved you, my little Kelpie!

These are our last pictures together. We were walking down a street and found ourselves surrounded by sunflowers and sunshine. Just like our book.

Goodbye, Fuzzy Poet. Goodbye, Ghira. The time runs away like wild horses and I will see you soon.

xo, Drew August 17th, 2016

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