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Resolute – new EP

This is some super cool, far-out there music. It sounds like it’s being broadcast from space into my headset. Check it out. better yet, just buy it, it’s only $5.00!

Marco Oppedisano

It has been 5 years since my last official release, Mechanical Uprising.

So, what have I been doing the last 5 years? Besides working on this new release, I made a few contributions to some top-notch electric guitar driven compilations (Axe – Various Artists, $100 Guitar Project – Various Artists), recently finished a commission for the NYC Guitar Orchestra and participated in various other musical activities. And although I didn’t perform live much, I played and taught a lot.  All that while being a Dad to a 5 year old girl which is its own wonderful and challenging thing.

The initial plan was to release a full-length album of new music using the same instrumentation throughout: electric guitar, electric bass, virtual instruments (piano), percussion samples and voice samples (once again, courtesy of my wife, Kim) but while working on the album,  I reached a point where I…

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