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Motivational Housecat’s Medical Fund

Hi. My name is Drew; I’m a Cartoonist, Graphic Designer & Illustrator. I work and spend my free time drawing a daily Webcomic called Motivational Housecat!™. It’s based on all the funny, offbeat and motivating things my 9 month old cat Pixie might say if she could speak. Think of it as Litterbox Wisdom. Here’s a little video promo:

I got home last night after my closing shift to find Pixie limping and her front left paw tucked under her chest. I immediately rushed her to the 24/7 Animal Hospital a block from my apartment.

She needed immediate care and the surgery cost more than $6k. Pixie has a high radial fracture in 3 places and only surgery could set the leg. The surgeon could not splint this kind of injury because the break in her bone is literally 1cm from the elbow/joint. If they splinted it, the wound was likely to keep breaking and would not heal properly. A full body cast was not recommended due to her age.

Pixie the Motivational Housecat was in surgery as I typed this and I received a call from the Dr. post surgery which lasted 2 hours. He couldn’t place a plate with screws because Pixie is so tiny, so the Dr. ended up using 3 wires and a very tiny fixator on the radius (towards the humorus) bone.

Here are some post-op shots of Pixie resting in her new crate, where she will be confined for the next month or so. She’s so loopy on the Fentonyl pain patch that she’s lying in her litterbox.

The situation is urgent, otherwise I wouldn’t be reaching out to anyone.

If you got this far, Thank You for reading this!

Drew & Pixie


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