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Hombre Secreto. The Comic Is Everywhere. 1/1/2021.

Hombre Secreto

Hombre Secreto (°1970, Brooklyn, United States) sees that you're asleep behind the wheel. Rest assured, there are strategies being applied that work to his advantage alone. And, to the advantage of his benefactors.

But make no mistake and don't be fooled. Hombre Secreto is your neighbor. Your garbage man. He's the man on the cherry picker changing the street lights with a 9mm in his jacket. Perhaps he's so obvious that even you are too blind to see?

Hombre Secreto has grown extensions of himself way beyond your own limits. His is a story about a globally established elite machine and its effect on the masses over the post war twentieth century. To understand Him you must challenge your notions Self and Other and be willing to blow up the machine.

Neither right, nor left, Hombre Secreto has always warned us of the downfalls of superabundance and mass marketing.

"Blow it all to hell, or save it, but do it before the omnipresent lingering of the ‘corporate world’ sparks a final movement," he says. "The Resistance against the selfish dogma of the Capitalist Market System has already formed and if they succeed, everyone loses..."

Balance and order are needed, and a Cleaner must operate in the field. Hombre Secreto is currently currently out of town.

Unexpected, like.

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