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Here's today's strip reposted here for all you fine folks. The strip centers around the anitics of Professor Meow Meow, our heroine calico housecat, and The Angry Bee. The Bee is like a flying pillow stuffed with crippling neuroses and rampant self-loathing. But he can be funny, too. Not ha ha funny, more like pathetic funny.

People seem to like the strip with about 3800 monthly followers. Some comment, others like and share. I'm glad they like the work. Here are some actual reviews:

“Terrific... Evocative of 1970s underground comics. Salute!”-J. Cuchowski, Facebook

“His twisted humor mixed with uplifting messages are an oddity yet to be seen anywhere else. Each strip will have you laughing and gagging at the same time. But it’s not just the writing that makes them great. Drew's artistic talent is equally impressive.”- SJP, DeviantArt

“Drew Gold captures my generation’s humor with “Motivational Housecat”; one sick and disturbed comic, a total must read!”-Peter Grayson

"The strip is "the clearest and most disturbing presentation of the angry estrangement of an American Bee to be brought to the internet for entertainment. It’s so simple in its delivery and it will go over your head if you’re not paying attention. But go ahead: Read it. It’s fucking awesome."-Anon

Motivational Housecat Starring The Angry Bee ©2020 Drew Gold Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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