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Brushes of The Silver Age

Introducing Brushes of The Silver Age



I grew up reading and admiring the comics produced in the 60’s and 70’s. They’re still awesome for good reasons- Great art, great stories. One master artist comes to mind, you know the guy who basically created everything!…

So I wanted to pay homage to the past and offer up something original- handdrawn entirely from scratch- and would also work in a modern comic book maker’s toolkit. I literally spent YEARS drawing these for personal projects. Knowing that most people don’t have the time to create realistic brushes for drawings much less dedicate their time to replicating the look of a by-gone era, Creative Tools 4 Artists has heard you once again!


Brushes of The Silver Age includes: *This is a HUGE 50 custom brush set covering stylized linework, funky feathering brushes, shading brushes and (of course) inks. This is not a set of scanned “IP-Protected” artwork  from another artist. Each and every brush in this set was drawn from scratch and tries to capture the flavor of the era. I’m really proud of these brushes ’cause they can give you that “Silver Age” look and so much more!

Some of the brushes take a little getting used to, so be sure to play with line weight and adjust the angle of your stroke accordingly


Brushes available for Adobe Illustrator CS4-CC


Ready to purchase? Just click here.

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