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Simply put: Drew Gold makes comics and illustrations starring a calico housecat and an angry bumblebee. The long story is that Drew's work has been published in The New York Times Op Ed & Sunday Book Review; exhibited at The Society of Illustrator's MoCCAfest; sold to collectors and was regularly featured in the Joe Boxer Swim, Sleepwear, Loungewear and Outerwear brands from 2001-2016. Nowadays you can find him writing and drawing Motivational Housecat! Starring The Angry Bee Comicstrips.

The strip stars a kick-ass heroine housecat to inspire us all, mixed with an unstable and angry bumblebee in strips that are silly, absurd, chaotic, irrational, irreverent, unreasonable and un-factual. It’s awesome! Motivational Housecat! Starring The Angry Bee is published on a variety of platforms- from DeviantArt.com to Facebook, Instagram, The Duck Comics and more!

The strip was even given an "E" rating from Webtoons!

The glowing reviews are in:

“Terrific... Evocative of 1970s underground comics. Salute!”-J. Cuchowski, Facebook

“Drew Gold captures my generation’s humor with “Motivational Housecat”; one sick and disturbed comic, a total must read!”-Peter Grayson

“His twisted humor mixed with uplifting messages are an oddity yet to be seen anywhere else. Each strip will have you laughing and gagging at the same time. But it’s not just the writing that makes them great. Drew's artistic talent is equally impressive.”- SJP, Q&A

"Thank you so much for this comic!... It might not seem like much, but your little comic makes a big difference!"-The Scorpion Doctor

"It's Pawsome!!"-Garfield


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