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Best Of Motivational Housecat Vol. 1 and 2

Grab your copies of The Best Of Motivational Housecat! Strips Vol.1 and 2 with FREE PRIME shipping from @amazonbooks . Books are available, and as crazy and absurd as you'd expect. Beautifully printed; soft glossy cover; glossy interior with a 6"x9" format in full color!

LINK TO AMAZON: https://amzn.to/3gmjwEL

"If your idea of enlightenment involves days spent in an alcohol-induced fog, smoking catnip, and worrying there might be blood in your narcotics stream, then you need to read this interview. Welcome to the bent world of Drew Gold."-ICC Magazine

“His twisted humor mixed with uplifting messages are an oddity yet to be seen anywhere else. Each strip will have you laughing and gagging at the same time. But it’s not just the writing that makes them great. Drew's artistic talent is equally impressive.”- SJP, Q&A

“Drew Gold captures my generation’s humor with “Motivational Housecat”; one sick and disturbed comic, a total must-read!”-Peter Grayson

"It's Pawsome!!"-Garfield

"Thank you so much for this comic!... It might not seem like much, but your little comic makes a big difference!"-The Scorpion Doctor

“Terrific... Evocative of 1970s underground comics. Salute!”-J. Cuchowski, Facebook

“Big fan of yours here, Drew… keep up the great work!”-Brix Smith via Facebook

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