I'm Drew, an artist, and illustrator. I've been making comics and illustrations for years, and my work has been featured in some pretty amazing places: The New York Times Op-Ed & Sunday Book Review, exhibited at The Society of Illustrator's MoCCAfest, is still collected by art lovers, and was featured regularly in the Joe Boxer Swim brand from 2001-2016.

In addition to all of this, I have also taught "Today at Apple" workshops as a Creative supporting Apple.


Nowadays you can find me writing and drawing Motivational Housecat! Starring The Angry Bee Comix. It's America's most trusted gonzo comic (award-pending). Featuring the lovable calico house-cat and her lazy bum roommate The Angry Bee. This comic will inspire you to put off life's challenges… slowly, but with a positive attitude. Laugh along as Housecat takes on everyday problems like paying bills, going to the dentist, and her roommate’s pollen addiction. There are over 1000 strips in circulation. Remember: No matter what life throws your way, The Housecat and Bee have your back.

Here's what people are saying about the strip:

“I fuckin’ love the bee.”-Michael Ciccone


“Drew, you've got a great Imagination and your drawing style is top-notch ‼️”-Hamm’s Hallucinations


“Motivational Housecat! is funny as f*ck for real.”- Maurice Henderson


“This is great work Drew! Love your styling and characters.”-Vince Rodriguez


"Drew Gold and his big hit Motivational Housecat!”-ICC Magazine

“Terrific... Evocative of 1970s underground comics. Salute!”-J. Cuchowski

"If your idea of enlightenment involves days spent in an alcohol-induced fog, smoking catnip, and worrying there might be blood in your narcotics stream… Welcome to the bent world of Drew Gold."-ICC Magazine

And if you are looking for something fun, funky, and totally unique, look no further than the Fuzzy Poet Artist Shop! My line of graphic tees, fine art prints, and other awesome merchandise featuring The Housecat and Bee is sure to put a smile on your face. ​

Updates 3x a week. 



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“I always look for what I can leave out.”

Drew Gold


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